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Colombian entrepreneurs are optimistic about 2021

The president of Confecámaras (a union that groups together the Colombian chambers of commerce), Julián Domínguez Rivera, believes that there are reasons to be optimistic about the recovery of the national economy.

On the one hand, it stands out that the number of productive units grew 2.9% in the third quarter of 2020, and on the other hand, in a survey they did on the impact of COVID-19 on companies, this trend towards improvement is evident.

According to Julián Domínguez, entrepreneurs have been reporting a path of improvement or hope. “In a survey of 10,900 entrepreneurs, we observed that 80% stated that they are currently operating, which confirms that a majority of companies from all regions of Colombia and of all sizes and sectors, have persisted in their management”, he assures.

Also, entrepreneurs are optimistic about next year. 57% of those surveyed believe that 2021 will be better for their business and only 26% indicated that the country’s economic situation will not improve. In addition, 66% indicated that after the reactivation of the economy, they have maintained their staff and 3% have even increased it.

“Crisis also creates opportunities. The winning companies will be those that manage to convert to the new economy, or those that have the industrial capacity to readapt their activity to new challenges. For all this, it is essential to have people capable of meeting these challenges”, affirms the president of Confecámaras.

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