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Mexico seeks Ford to move some of the production that will stop in Brazil

In early 2017, Ford announced the cancellation of their plan to build their production plant in San Luis Potosí, under the pressure from incoming President Donald Trump, who preferred the auto company to invest in the United States.

Four years later, the global landscape looks different, given Joe Biden’s arrival at the White House and the announcement of the American automaker he made on January 11, when they announced that they will close their three plants in Brazil.

With all that being said, Tatiana Clouthier, holder of the Secretary of the Economy (SE), disclosed that Mexico was interested in being able to resume the investment project and that assembly lines could be moved to the country. She assured that SE representatives will seek a reconciliation with Ford, to see if there was a possibility that this investment would come true and they would be reviewing their needs.

The American company announced the closure of its plants in the South American country, as part of a restructuring of the group’s production in South America, where it has been in deficit for several years. Ford will supply the regional market from its production in Argentina, Uruguay, and other regions.

“I think it’s worth clarifying. It is not that Ford said: “We are coming” We are here to provide Ford the best offer, to see what and how Ford requires it. How to flirt with Ford to come to Mexico,” Clouthier said in the press conference.

Four years ago, the automaker cancelled plans for a new plant that had a $1.6 billion investment in San Luis Potosí, with 280 hectares of land, where it would have generated 2,800 direct jobs, but chose to invest $700 million in the expansion of its Flat Rock, Michigan plant.

Currently, Ford of Mexico is one of the main exporters of engines and transmissions, its plants in Cuautitlán and Hermosillo produce two of the most representative models, such as the Mustang Mach-E and the Bronco Sport SUV.

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