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Expert tips on Marketing strategies in Latin America

According to companies, blogs and social networks continue to be the king contents in Latin America. These, use up most of the economic and time efforts of companies, which opens a unique panorama due to the opportunity to explore each platform, with different tools to make attractive strategies for customers.  Marketing contents are undoubtedly the main actors in a changing market, but fascinating for experts thanks to the fact that they can boost company sales, reinforcing the commitment to make them more visible and generating increasingly profitable businesses in different regions of the world.

Here are the concepts of three marketing experts, who give their opinions on whether strategies that are in line with our idiosyncrasy work better in Latin America, and if so, why they are so effective:

Juan Merodio

(Blogger, lecturer, international advisor in marketing and digital transformation, co-founder Engage Colombia – Madrid, Spain). There is nothing more powerful to start the process of positioning your brand before the consumer, than content marketing. One of the keys to achieving the objectives you have viewed is patience, since, in Latin America, content development is a long-term process.

You should always add value to users, including original and creative content. You must also get across what you intend to communicate to your customers, through different channels. For example, through my experience, I could see that the Latino market is very appealing for tutorial videos. To summarize, I would say that your company’s content strategy must be based primarily on fully knowing your audience, understanding that it thinks and acts differently throughout the region; Bear in mind the idea of ​​serving your customers instead of selling to them.

Abel Delgado

(Digital marketing Director, Americas Market Intelligence – Miami / Fort Lauderdale, USA). In the company I work for, we faithfully believe in sharing content based on the market research studies we perform. A good strategy is to respect regionalisms, our goal being, that consumers in any country can understand what we mean, being careful with translations and contexts.

You must also be clear about the appropriate budgets and investment levels for Latin America. It is really important that organizations vary the way they reach their audience to strengthen their commitment (specialized web portals, print media, videos, infographics, reports and publications). This also means varying styles in blogs that are published, making them in short and long format, but with great simplicity. However, without a solid plan, content development can be random, leading to inaccurate results. In no case should you consider the region to be alike. Each nation has its own interests, preferred topics, etc.

Isra García

(International advisor in digital business transformation, co-founder Map Makers, Engage Worldwide – Valencia, Spain). Companies that enter the Latin American market gain a competitive advantage if they have careful planning. It is a region that is in constant growth. Marketing experts should generate content in order to highlight the excellence of the product or service, have the efficiency of logistics and distribution of the business model, generate the experience of a unique customer service and understand how social networks, website and blog are integrated in the business.

Some companies in Latin America still confuse a strategy with the simple mechanics of distribution of “social objects” in social networks. The best way to do this is to build the strategy taking into account parameters such as the type of content, publication schedules, assertive communication, platforms to be used, promotion, segmentation, channels, promotion and investment. In addition to this, the content must be easy to find, alluring and shareable because of its importance for discussion construction or education.

With these experts’ opinions, you may consider which are the suitable strategies to generate great impact among your clients, in terms of the publication of content that gives them value. But be cautious, get advice from marketing experts, do not take this work lightly, remember that the success and growth of your company depends on your ability to make sound decisions. Always set the goal of expanding operations in Latin America and do not put all the eggs in the same basket, vary the communication channels, maintaining quality and creativity in each content.

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