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Manufacturing captured 43.2% of foreign investments in Mexico in the first semester

The countries that have made the greatest investments are the United States, Canada, Spain, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

During the first half of 2020, Mexico received USD $17.9 billion in foreign direct investments (FDI). The Secretary of Economy (SE) released these amounts, the figures of which are still preliminary, and noted that 43.2% of that investment was captured by the manufacturing industry; followed by financial services (15.4%), transport (14.1%); trade (6.6%); mining (4.9%); and other sectors (11.0%).

By investment type, more than half (53.5%) corresponded to reinvestment of profits; 16.9% were new investments, and 29.6% to accounts between companies. In addition, by country of origin, 38.6% was from the United States, 19.1% from Canada, 11.2% from Spain, 6.8% from Germany, 3.3% of the United Kingdom, and other countries contributed the remaining 21.0%.

The “Report on the Behavior of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) January to June 2020″recorded in the first half of this year came from 2,394 companies with foreign equity participation, 877 trust contracts and 14 foreign moral persons.

Per entity, Mexico City received 19% of the investment, then Nuevo León (10.7%), Jalisco (8.6%), Estado de Mexico, 7.4%; San Luis Potosí with 4.9% and the rest of the country captured 49.4%, according to the SE.

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